I am a Uniter and a Visionary.
My leadership style and vision as your elected District 5 City Councilwoman is one of unity, inclusion, transparency and improving our district 5 communities. I pledge unity by working with you, homeowners, small businesses, schools, families, and our elected officials. I will need your support, guidance and participation to accomplish the following below.

My First Term in Office:

• I will unite and form a Social Services Community Action Response Group with a mission to address family social needs. Together we will unite with professionals, clergy, social workers, school counselors and include recreation center directors help to best understand and meet the needs of our families


• I believe in Fair Wages, Affordable Housing, 'full-time' employment with benefits, fair & balanced on the job training, which leads to promotional opportunities that will increase your take-home pay. And, most importantly, I will stand with you!

• I will form a District 5 Chamber of Commerce Small Business and Homeowners Council to support small businesses, and homeowners. And Together we will partner and work with future developers and our city administrators to revitalize our communities and recruit more businesses to invest in our district.

• I will aggressively pursue building a TRADE SCHOOL my first term!!! This major project will require leadership planning working with ALL elected officials: city & county mayors, county commissioners, school board representatives, state legislature, senators, and us, the citizens.

• I will propose and aggressively pursue establishing a District 5 Community Police Precinct in a centralized location to service our community. This will help with response time to 911 crime and other emergencies.

• I will propose building a new FIRE Hall to replace the aging fire hall in the North Brainerd area of District 5.